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Android Developers Create Siri Clone (Iris) in 8 Hours

An Android developer team called Dexetra has created a clone of Apple’s Siri. The voice recognition assistant is a major feature of the newly released iPhone 4S with the blogosphere full of positive reviews of the same. The developers decided to reverse “Siri” hence the name “Iris”.

Dextra team just like other Android enthusiasts, were not happy with all the positive reviews the feature got online and decided to create an Android version of the same.  The dev team worked on the app for only eight hours and Iris was born. In the eight hours, Dexetra had “created a decent layout and design,” and added voice input, text-to-speech and “a lot of heuristic humor.”

After receiving a wave of positive feedback, Dexetra submitted Iris to the Android Market. You should be aware that this app is still very much on its Alpha testing stage and the feature requires “Voice Search” and “TTS Library” to be installed on the Android handset for it to work properly.

Watch this Video Review;


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