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Babu Owino Hires Hoodlums High on Bhang to Heckle DP William Ruto in Tassia

Babu Owino is bringing all his negative side to the Embakasi politics. After the death of Mwenje and the exit of Waititu, Embakasi has experienced the non-confrontational politics which seems to be creeping back with the entry of the empty-headed and obnoxious former student leader, Babu Owino.

According to sources in Embakasi East, Babu Owino hired some layabouts common in Tassia estate to target the campaign convoy of the Deputy President, William Ruto, in Embakasi East where they made sure that they heckled the second most powerful man in the country and shared the video with Babu Owino who happily posted them online.

The videos have not gone down well with the residents who believe that they are not going to be used as guinea pigs by people who have no agenda for them but are out to further their trade of dealing in illegal and fraudulent schemes as well as luring young men and women into drugs, prostitution and fake dollar scams.

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Interior CS has promised to take action against goons out to attack politicians campaigning for election.

Babu Owino’s recent clearance by ODM has also brought into question the principles and ideals which ODM as a party and Raila as the party leader stands for as it is Babu Owino who has brought in the bad leadership in UoN student leadership as well as using drugs, violence and intimidation on opponents.

Most of the mature adult residents of Embakasi East would not want to hear anything about Babu Owino as he is a bad influence to their children.

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