Betty Kyallo’s Mother Reveals How She Deals With Her Daughter’s Haters

betty kyallo

betty kyallo with her mother. / courtesy

TheK24TV anchor Betty Kyallo’s mother on Friday divulged how she handles people who hate on her daughter especially through sending comments on social media.

Speaking during her daughter’s Friday segment, Upclose, which for this episode was hosted by Jalang’o, Betty’s mother revealed that she sometimes confronts the haters via Direct Messages (DMs).

Asserting that as at now, she is used to the rude comments about her daughter online, she wondered why people could be so negative about others.

She told Jalang’oo: “I am used to the comments. As a mother, I have to wonder why they are making negative comments about her.

“Sometimes I try to interact with them and when they see me online, they say, oh mum kumbe you are there, I am sorry,” she mentioned amid laughter.

The mother of three further asked netizens to always carry out respectful conversations online.

She urged people to always be considerate of the other person’s situation and their point of view.

“I mean, this person who is commenting might have a mother, daughter, and sister. It wouldn’t be right if they got treated that way. They don’t know about tomorrow, about the future,’’ she affirmed.

Additionally, she expressed her pride towards her daughters’ achievements explaining that before the fame and glam, they led a simple life in Rongai.

“I am very proud of them because they are bright,” she commented.

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