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Boniface Mwangi Lectures Dr Willy Mutunga On Why Lawyer Ahmednasir Can’t Complain About Corruption

A heated exchange on Twitter between activist Boniface Mwangi and former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga ensued this weekend, over the eligibility of lawyers to represent graft suspects.

The two were arguing about renowned lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi, over his moral authority to comment on the war against graft, at the same time representing suspects of graft.

According to Mutunga, people charged with corruption need legal representation.

“They are innocent until proven guilty. Suppose an activist like you cannot get legal representation?,” Posed Mutunga.

Earlier, Ahmednasir had tweeted, giving counsel to President Uhuru on what he should do about corruption.

“If H.E UHURU/DP Ruto call me today for one single advise…I will tell them…forget about the BIG 4 agenda & building bridge(s)…instead adopt a single agenda..make Kenyans have HOPE/FAITH in tomorrow…call us to UHURU park, holding the BIBLE SWEAR your govt will STOP STEALING,” tweeted Ahmednasir.

However, Mwangi read mischief in the tweet and told off the lawyer. “Please also swear while holding the Holy Quran that you will stop representing people accused of corruption. Walk your advice,” said Mwangi.

Mutunga went on to state that Mwangi’s concerns were moral and not legal, hence could not be used in the fight against corruption.

“The issue you are raising is MORAL not constitutional and legal. Lawyers can of course refuse briefs on moral grounds as long as they don’t say so,” said Mutunga.

Agitated Mwangi told off the former CJ, telling him that Ahmednasir should drop his defence for graft suspects, if he wants to speak against corruption.

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“Lawyers have a right to represent whoever they want but if you have a skunk for a client, don’t complain about the smell. If senior counsel Ahmednasir wants to speak on the war against corruption, then he shouldn’t represent those accused of the same corruption,” said Mwangi.

Other people have weighed into the matter, with differentt opinions.

Here are some reactions:-

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