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Chris Brown Faces $2 Million Lawsuit Over Unpaid Popeyes Restaurants Loan

An image of chris Brown: Popeyes Chicken

Grammy-winning singer Chris Brown is currently embroiled in a $2 million lawsuit filed against him by City National Bank, a Georgia-based company.

The bank alleges that it loaned the artist money to purchase two Popeyes Chicken fast-food restaurants, but the loan remains unpaid.

According to reports by The Blast, the lawsuit was filed in California, where Chris Brown resides. The suit claims that the loan, which was granted to a group of individuals, including Chris Brown and The-Dream, was intended for the purchase of the restaurants. However, this venture never came to fruition.

City National Bank has reportedly been attempting to collect on the loan since 2018, without success. The lawsuit specifies that, as of February 17, 2023, the borrower and guarantors owe a total of $2,140,901.74 in unpaid principal and interest.

In this case, Chris Brown is likely to be held responsible for repayment, as the suit filed in California is a collection suit. This indicates that City National Bank has already won a default judgment against the singer and is seeking to recover the owed funds.

The status of The-Dream’s involvement and potential liability in this claim remains unclear.

This lawsuit is the latest in a series of legal challenges that Chris Brown has faced. He is currently contesting a $71 million dog attack lawsuit brought against him by his former housekeepers. The trial, initially scheduled for September 2023, has been postponed to December 2023 by court order.

Court documents obtained by RadarOnline reveal that Brown’s legal team requested the trial’s postponement, arguing that the housekeeper who filed the suit would not be adversely affected by the delay. Furthermore, they asserted that the injured housekeeper is still undergoing treatment for her injuries through her worker’s compensation claims, preventing them from gathering crucial evidence needed for the trial.

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While the lawsuit plaintiff’s name was not disclosed by Radar Online, an earlier report by PEOPLE identified her as Patricia Avila, Chris Brown’s former housekeeper. Patricia claimed that one of Brown’s two dogs attacked her sister, Maria, while they were working at the singer’s residence in 2020.

According to Patricia, the Caucasian ovcharka dog growled at Maria and then launched a vicious attack when Maria entered the backyard to empty a vacuum cleaner. The injuries sustained by Maria required hospitalization and two surgeries, including injuries around her eye, bites on her leg, and significant skin loss on her arm. The large dog responsible for the attack can weigh between 110 and 200 pounds and was apparently kept in an area of the property that the housekeepers did not have access to before the incident.


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