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Citizen and KBC Were the Most Viewed TV Stations by Kenyans in June

A poll is out listing which are the most favourite TV stations in Kenya. Geopoll list Citizen as the most popular TV station attracting more than one billion views. According to the poll, they measure Citizen, KBC, KTN, NTV, K24, QTV, KissTV, Family, and  GBS in Kenya.

In June, Citizen had around 1.414 billion total views during, KBC was the second with 565 million views. KBC was popular then because of the World Cup which it had exclusive rights over. KTN and NTV struggled in the third position with a measly 42 million views between them, according to Geopoll.

Citizen continued to dominate Kenyans’ TV viewership in July, attracting 1.373 billion total viewers. The end of the World Cup saw KBC take it’s forth position as it came behind KTN and NTV in that order. During the same month, KTN had it’s best performance on July 9th when it managed to attract a total of 18.912 million in 24 hours. On the same day, KBC managed better number having attracted over 19.753 million viewers. It is important to know that Netherlands and Argentina were playing on that day.

In August, Geopoll rank K24 viewership at fourth place, above KBC but behind Citizen (1.299 billion views), KTN and NTV in that order.

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