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Citizen Tv, Radio Record Highest Ratings, GeoPoll

Citizen Tv

According to GeoPoll’s Media Measurement Service, Radio Citizen recorded the highest ratings for the 1 st quarter of 2017, in Kenya.

Radio Citizen led consistently in ratings throughout the day whereby its highest ratings recorded at an average of 6.64 between 6-8AM. Radio Maisha took the second ratings position with its highest point being between 6-8AM with an average of 5.16, while Radio Jambo station achieved the third position in ratings nationally.

GeoPoll also took into account the average share of listeners, where Citizen maintained its lead with a share of 16.2 per cent. Radio Maisha came in second with 12.8 per cent and Radio Jambo maintained its third position with 9.2 per cent.

Classic 105 came in fifth doing well between 6 to 10 am at 5.6 per cent.


GeoPoll also analyzed the top TV stations in Kenya. Both ratings and share for the top stations in Kenya were analyzed during peak hours.

Citizen took the leading spot in ratings during peak hours at the national level. Its highest rating was during primetime at 8.30PM with an average of 10.83. KTN takes the second lead in rating only between 7-7.30PM. At 9.30PM, there is a tie between NTV and KTN while the rest of the times 8-10PM, NTV overtakes it. KTN News consistently takes the fourth position during the peak hours nationally.

GeoPoll also examined average share across the entire day where Citizen led with the highest share of 33.7% of viewers followed by KTN at 11.1% then KTN News at 8.8% nationally. NTV followed closely with 8.5% in the share of viewers.

GeoPoll Media Measurement is currently available in  Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia and Afghanistan.

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