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Dawood Ibrahim Siblings: Life in the Shadow of Mumbai’s Underworld Don

Dawood Ibrahim

Indian mob boss Dawood Ibrahim PHOTO/Simple Wiki

Dawood Ibrahim is a notorious figure in the Indian underworld, known for his criminal activities and terrorist associations.

He is the mastermind behind the 1993 Mumbai bombings, which killed hundreds.

Dawood is the head of the D-Company, an organized crime syndicate involved in various illegal enterprises like drug trafficking, extortion and smuggling.

He has been declared a global terrorist by India and the United States, with a significant bounty on his head.

Despite being wanted for numerous crimes, Dawood has managed to evade authorities and is believed to have been residing in Pakistan for years, although Pakistan denies providing him shelter.

His criminal empire extends internationally, with ties to terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda.

Dawood’s notoriety stems from his involvement in heinous crimes and his elusive nature, making him one of India’s most wanted criminals.


Dawood had a large family with several siblings.

His brothers include Shabir Ibrahim Kaskar, who was killed by the Pathan gang in 1983, Noora Ibrahim who passed away due to kidney failure, Anis Ibrahim, Sabir Ahmad, Mohammed Humayoon and Mustaqueem Ali.

Among his sisters are Saida Hassan Miya Waghle, Zaitun Hamid Antule, Farzana Saud Tungekar, Mumtaz Rahim Faki and Haseena Parkar.

Haseena Parkar, known for her involvement in the gangland affairs in Mumbai, is deceased.

Dawood’s nephew, Alishah Parkar, provided detailed information about the family, mentioning marriages, children.and various family members’ locations and activities.

The family tree of Dawood is intricate, with siblings spread across different countries and involved in various aspects of life, from criminal activities to legitimate businesses.

Dawood Ibrahim’s sister Haseena Parkar PHOTO/NDTV


Dawood’s parents were Sheikh Ibrahim Ali Kaskar and Amina Bi.

His father, Sheikh Ibrahim Ali Kaskar, served as a head constable in the Mumbai Police, while his mother, Amina Bi, was a homemaker.

Dawood’s upbringing in Dongri, Mumbai, and his early education at Ahmed Sailor High School shaped his path towards a life of crime and organized violence.

Despite his father’s background in law enforcement, Dawood’s criminal career flourished, leading to his involvement in various illegal activities, including drug trafficking, extortion and terrorism.

The complex family dynamics, with a father in law enforcement and a son involved in organized crime, add a layer of intrigue to Dawood’s notorious legacy.

Criminal career

Dawood’s criminal career is marked by a transition from petty crimes to becoming one of India’s most wanted criminals and a global terrorist.

He started his criminal journey in Mumbai, initially engaging in fraud, theft and robbery.

He later took control of the D-Company, an international terrorist network involved in various criminal activities like arms smuggling, narco-terrorism, money laundering and counterfeiting.

Dawood’s criminal empire extended across 16 countries on five continents, with business interests in multiple sectors.

His involvement in heinous acts like the 1993 Mumbai bombings, where 257 people were killed, linked him to terrorism and organized crime.

Dawood’s ties to terrorist groups like Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammad, and Al Qaeda, along with controlling a significant portion of India’s piracy market, highlight the breadth of his criminal activities.

Despite being on India’s most-wanted list for decades, Dawood has managed to evade capture, residing in Pakistan since the early 1990s.

The United States has declared him a global terrorist, freezing his assets and restricting his operations, showcasing the international recognition of his criminal notoriety.

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