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Movie Star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is Co-Starred with iPhone’s Siri

Action movie superstar Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” has made a “movie” co-starring Apple’s voice assistant Siri. In the movie, which runs for three minutes and 45 seconds, we tail The Rock in a number of situations as he tried to fit more into his already busy schedule, and he needs Siri’s help to get it all done. It’s quick, most of the segments are pretty funny and all of it is nice-looking.

The Entertainment

The film is called The Rock x Siri Dominate the Day and was released today on Apple’s YouTube channel. In the movie, The Rock sees a news report about himself on the TV wondering if he can do more despite having so many projects on the go.

“That sounds like a challenge,” he says before grabbing his iPhone and saying “Hey Siri”. From there he commandeers a Lift ride to the airport, flies a jet to Rome, does a retouch of what looks like the Sistine Chapel, launches a fashion line, becomes a master chef, performs in a Chinese opera, goes into space before landing in the middle of a Hollywood action scene and delivering the killer line.


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