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Ekuru Aukot Will Launch Manifesto On Saturday, Anchored On Five Pillars

Thirdway Alliance Party Presidential Candidate, Ekuru Aukot

Thirdway Alliance Party of Kenya presidential candidate Ekuru Aukot is on Saturday expected to launch his manifesto.

Aukot, one of the lawyers who helped draft the 2010 Constitution, yesterday tweeted that his manifesto is anchored on five pillars.

In the snippets, Aukot said if elected in August, his administration will end theft of public resources, and depolarise the country from negative ethnicity and tribalism.

Aukot, also said his government will largely be made up of the youth and women.

“Our manifesto is our promise to Kenyans, not lies,” he said. Aukot, who was the secretary of the Committee of Experts, said he is seeking the presidency to protect the Constitution.

He spent the better part of yesterday in Narobi’s Kibra constituency, during a meet-the-people tour in the slums.

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