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Eric Omondi Sets Whopping Sh50 Million Price Tag To Reveal Daughter’s Face

an image of Eric Omondi and Girlfriend:Eric Omondi Sets Whopping Sh50 Million Price Tag To Reveal Daughter's Face.

Eric Omondi Sets Whopping Sh50 Million Price Tag To Reveal Daughter's Face

The comedic sensation and self-declared “president of comedy in Africa,” Eric Omondi, has sent shockwaves through social media with an astonishing announcement.

The popular entertainer has placed a jaw-dropping price tag of Sh50 million for anyone eager to catch a glimpse of his soon-to-be-born daughter.

The startling revelation came hot on the heels of an elaborate gender reveal party that sent the internet into a frenzy.

Omondi’s unique approach to sharing the news of his daughter’s imminent arrival raised eyebrows, leaving fans curious about what the comedian would reveal next.

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“Seeing the face of my child will be a lot of money. In order for me to reveal the face of my child, I will need to be given 50 million shillings. Whoever gives me that money, even if it is a newspaper, you will see it there. My child’s face is very difficult to see,” Omondi playfully declared during a recent interview.

The flamboyant comedian, known for his charismatic and witty performances, further explained that the figure was, in fact, a conservative one, considering the prevailing hard economic times.

In Eric Omondi’s eyes, his daughter is not just beautiful but genuinely special, justifying the hefty price tag.

“I pay that amount because she is a special child. Don’t forget she belongs to Eric Omondi, and by that criteria alone, 50 million is about it. She is very beautiful, I saw her yesterday for a scan. Already when she is being scanned, I can only see her smiling,” Omondi revealed, exuding pride and excitement.

However, the comedian emphasized that the decision to part with such a sum to catch a glimpse of his daughter’s face is purely voluntary.

No coercion will be involved in the process, and Omondi assured everyone that the price was set with consideration for economic hardships.

“I have seen that we should make the price cheaper due to economic difficulties. If we set a normal price, it will not be good; we have set the lowest price. If you’re out there, you’re a newspaper, I don’t know what, I’ll sell you a child’s face, you show each other what you want,” Omondi playfully added.

As fans and curious observers grapple with this unexpected revelation, Eric Omondi’s approach to unveiling his daughter’s face has left many wondering what surprises the comedic genius has in store next.

With his undeniable charm and charisma, the anticipation for this highly-anticipated reveal continues to build, and fans eagerly await the next chapter in Eric Omondi’s entertaining journey.

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