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Gachagua Warns Leaders Talking Down to Kenyans After Fuel Price Hike

Deputy President William Ruto has asked leaders to refrain from talking down to common Kenyans.

He was referring to Cabinet Secretaries and advisors who have been making headlines over their arrogant takes on the deteriorating economy.

For example, Trade CS Moses Kuria while addressing the hike in fuel prices asked those complaining to drill their boreholes and source their own fuel.

The CS stated that the current economic situation is being witnessed all over the world due to the increase in prices of crude oil.

“Na watu siku hizi wanaongea kuhusu kuteremsha bei ya gharama ya maisha, bei ya gharama ya maisha haiwezi kuteremshwa kwa maandamano. Sasa naona wengine wanashinda kwa Twitter kutoka asubuhi mpaka jioni gharama ya maisha, si hio ni upumbavu?” posed Kuria.

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“Kushinda kwa Twitter kutoka asubuhi mpaka jioni itakusaidia namna gani? Jameni vijana msiingie katika hio life, sasa ukieka sufuria kwa kichwa kutoka asubuhi mpaka jioni ati bei ya mafuta imeongezeka si uchimbe kisima yako. Dunia mzima tunajua bei ya crude oil imeenda juu.”

But according to the DP, leaders should be sensitive to the situation and address their “employer” with decorum.

“Responsible leaders should be sensitive and inspire Hope to the People-the Hope for a Better tomorrow. Talking down on the people and demoralising those who look up to them for solutions and a way out of the difficult situation they find themselves in is not good leadership. Please Do Not SPITE the People of Kenya,” he said.

Gachagua noted that the government is aware of the situation as he assured Kenyans that things will improve with time.

“The Government remains aware of and is sensitive to the challenges Kenyans are facing today; the arrogant statements by a few leaders DO NOT, in Any Way, reflect the official Government position or that of President William Ruto,” he said.

“The President remains committed to finding lasting and sustainable solutions to the economic challenges that face our great Nation.”


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