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Garth Brooks Siblings: Unpacking the Brooks’ Family Legacy

Garth Brooks

Singer Garth Brooks PHOTO/Getty Images

Garth Brooks is an American country music singer and songwriter known for integrating pop and rock elements into the country genre, achieving immense popularity in the United States.

He holds the record for releasing nine Diamond-certified albums, with hits like Friends in Low Places.

Garth began his career in 1989, with notable albums like No Fences.

He retired briefly from 2001 to 2005, making a comeback in 2005.

Garth’s recent ventures include the opening of a honky-tonk in Nashville and releasing his 14th studio album, Fun, in 2020.


Garth has a complex family background, with a total of five siblings.

His only full sibling is Kelly Brooks, who is older than him.

The remaining four siblings are his half-siblings, which means they share only one parent with Garth.

The first two half-siblings are Jim and Betsy Smittle.

They are the children of Garth’s father, Troyal Brooks, from his previous marriage to Colleen Carroll.

Jim Smittle is a musician, while Betsy Smittle was a bassist and singer in Garth’s early bands.

The other two half-siblings are not named, but they are also Troyal Brooks’ children from his previous relationships.

These siblings are part of Garth’s extended family, and their lives, like those of Jim and Betsy, have been influenced by their connection to the famous country music artist.


Garth’s career has been marked by numerous milestones and accomplishments, solidifying his position as a country music legend.

After releasing his self-titled debut album in 1989, he quickly gained popularity with hits like If Tomorrow Never Comes and The Dance.

Garth’s second album, No Fences, released in 1990, became a massive success, selling over 17 million copies in the United States alone.

His innovative approach to country music, incorporating elements of pop and rock, broadened the genre’s appeal and helped him achieve mainstream success.

Garth’s 1991 album, Ropin’ the Wind, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart, a first for a country artist.

His subsequent albums, such as The Chase and In Pieces, continued to top the charts and sell millions of copies.

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Garth Brooks with his sister Betsy PHOTO/iHeart Radio

In 2000, Garth announced his retirement, releasing a greatest hits album and embarking on a farewell tour.

However, in 2005, he returned to the stage with a series of concerts in Las Vegas.

In 2007, Garth released The Ultimate Hits, a compilation album that included new songs and duets with other artists.

In 2014, he signed a deal with Sony Music Nashville, releasing his first studio album in 13 years, Man Against Machine.

This was followed by Gunslinger in 2016 and Fun in 2020.

Throughout his career, Garth has sold over 150 million albums worldwide, making him one of the best-selling artists of all time.


Garth has amassed an impressive collection of awards and accolades throughout his illustrious career.

Some notable achievements include being a seven-time CMA Entertainer of the Year, the first artist to receive nine Diamond Awards for nine albums certified by the RIAA and the first-ever seven-time recipient of the CMA Entertainer of the Year award.

He has received honors such as the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song, the Kennedy Center Honor and the Billboard Icon Award.

Garth has also won numerous American Music Awards, Academy of Country Music Awards and Billboard Music Awards, among others.

Personal life

Garth is married to Trisha Yearwood, and together they have been married since 2005.

He has three daughters from his previous marriage to Sandy Mahl, Taylor, August and Allie.

Trisha Yearwood has embraced the role of stepmother to Brooks’ daughters, playing a significant part in their lives and upbringing.

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