Google Explains Why Andrew Kibe’s YouTube Channel Was Terminated

andrew kibe

Andrew Kibe. [COURTESY]

Google’s Head of Communications and Public Affairs for Africa Dorothy Ooko has finally explained why Kenyan creator Andrew Kibe’s YouTube channel was terminated.

Responding to an X user who had termed the move as a representation of “cancel culture”, Ooko explained that the content creator had violated YouTube’s terms of service.

The user identified as Wairimu Mariam had said: “Cancel culture cannot be allowed to take root in content creation.  @kibeandy termination of YouTube accounts is NOT about his message but a direct attack on the creative. Restore his accounts. Say NO to CANCEL CULTURE.”

In response, Ooko: “While he was restricted from using YouTube features, including uploading videos on his channel, he used another channel to get around these restrictions aka circumvention, resulting in termination of all his channels.”

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But according to Kibe, the decision to terminate his channel was pedestrian.

“Sounds so pedestrian. Can you show me the emails of the violations? That is the procedure right? I mean, there is no way YouTube permanently blocks any channel that has over 3000 videos with no proper trail. Be serious,” he said.

As a result, YouTube asked Kibe to share his YouTube channel URL for further investigations.

Kibe’s YouTube channel with over 474,000 subscribers was terminated on September 11.

Written by KahawaTungu Reporter


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