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Gov’t Denies Frustrating Uhuru, Says Salaries and Allowances Paid Diligently

The government has confirmed that it has been consistently paying the salaries and allowances of retired President Uhuru Kenyatta and his staff.

Government Spokesperson Isaac Mwaura stated that State House not only maintains and fuels all 14 of Uhuru’s vehicles but also supports his domestic and international travel.

“It is critical to point out that the Act provides that the Presidential Retirement Benefits Act provides that only four foreign trips should be fully paid for and for a maximum of 14 days. As for daily subsistence when on official duty, Public Service Commission and National Treasury regulations apply,” Mwaura said on Monday.

“The Office of the Third Retired President admits they have been provided with vehicles. We only differ on the number. The fact is that they have been provided with 14 vehicles,” he added.

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The spokesperson dismissed claims that Uhuru’s fuel cards were blocked, clarifying that the vehicles are fueled using State House Master Cards, with records indicating that several vehicles were fueled as recently as May 15, 2024.

Mwaura added that the vehicles are regularly maintained and serviced at State House, with the most recent services conducted on April 5, May 7, May 8, and May 15, 2024.

Regarding salaries, the government clarified that two employees from Uhuru’s office, Kanze Dena and George Kariuki, are not listed as public servants and therefore are not entitled to be on the government payroll.


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