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Head of Mungiki, Stephen Maina “Mzito” Arrested in Utawala after INCITEMENT

The current head of Mungiki thugs has been arrested in Utawala and is expected to be charged with incitement this morning.

Why is the Current Mungiki Leader Vying as MP in Embakasi EAST?

Stephen Maina who lost in the Jubilee primaries has been hiring a gang of youths in Embakasi East and using the gangs to target innocent wananchi and his critics. According to sources at Embakasi police station, Stephen Maina is using thuggery and violence to intimidate critics and that is not going to be allowed.

After the disintegration of Mungiki, Stephen Maina took over the leadership and use the gangs to run a network of extortionists who are being used to manage properties in Kayole, Embakasi Village and Tassia areas.

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