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House Help Fatally Stabs Kilifi County Official Karisa at Mnarani Home

rahab karisa

Kilifi County Blue Economy and Fisheries Chief Officer Rahab Karisa. [COURTESY]

Kilifi County Fisheries and Blue Economy Chief Officer Rahab Karisa is dead.

Rahab was allegedly stabbed to death by her house help in Mnarani, Kilifi county on Thursday morning, police said.

She had returned to the country Wednesday from a trip to Italy. The two reportedly argued over missing money in the house which degenerated into a fight.

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She had some money from the trip and placed it in a closet but when she came back she found some missing. Preliminary findings show she asked the maid who had picked the money and she denied knowledge of the same.

This degenerated into shouting and led to a fight that left the county official with stab wounds. She bled to death in her house.

Her children were in a different room oblivious of the tragedy. According to the cops, she could have survived had she gotten help.

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“She died out of bleeding. Had she gotten help she would be alive,” said one officer.

According to a guard, the house help who has so far escaped from the scene is still missing. This is after she jumped over the perimeter wall when security officers from a private firm arrived this morning.

The house help was fleeing with a child of the deceased when the guards arrived.

Kilifi county police commander Fatuma Hadi said police are investigating the murder.

“We are at the scene and will know more,” she said.

The hunt is on for the house help.

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