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How Mariah Carey Saved Nick Cannon’s Life

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Nick Cannon, the multitalented entertainer, and entrepreneur, shared a touching revelation about his ex-wife and pop sensation, Mariah Carey, asserting that she played a vital role in saving his life during a health crisis.

The story unfolded as Cannon recounted a harrowing incident that transpired before his official diagnosis of lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease.

At the time, he was baffled by his condition and didn’t comprehend the gravity of the situation. Cannon described how he had collapsed following a jog, ultimately losing consciousness in a bathroom.

Mariah Carey, renowned for her chart-topping hits like “Emotions,” discovered Cannon in his weakened state and promptly took action. She swiftly arranged for his transportation to an emergency room in Aspen, Colorado.

Initially, it was believed that the health issue might have been related to altitude sickness, given the high elevation of Aspen.

However, as Cannon remained under medical care, a different, more concerning narrative emerged. Doctors began to suspect the possibility of a kidney stone or another undisclosed medical condition.

Cannon vehemently denied that it was a kidney stone, highlighting the depth of his uncertainty during that perplexing period.

Reflecting on this critical moment, Cannon emphasized the significance of having a true partner in life.

He spoke of the commitment he felt toward Carey and asserted that he would unhesitatingly sacrifice himself for her, even in the present day.

This revelation adds to Cannon’s previous public declarations of affection for Carey. During a prior interview with The Shade Room earlier this year, he openly expressed that Mariah Carey was his “greatest love.”

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WhileNick Cannon, a father of 12 children with multiple partners, has fond sentiments for his other baby mothers, he consistently identifies Carey as the enduring love of his life.

In his words, Cannon conveyed that he had admired Carey from a young age, with posters of the Grammy-winning artist adorning his walls since he was just 12 years old.

He went on to describe her as “the coolest person” he has ever met, praising her boundless positivity and generosity. Cannon marveled at her ability to maintain a joyful disposition and radiate positivity, regardless of life’s circumstances.


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