How To File Your 2022 KRA Tax Returns

The deadline for filing your Tax returns is fast approaching. Ensure that you file your returns on time to avoid the Sh2,000 penalty after the June 30 deadline.

The iTax filing system accepts various types of returns such as income tax related to the resident individual, corporates, partnership and indirect tax such as VAT and excise. You can choose the right type of iTax returns and file based on your obligation.

This article will guide you to file your tax returns.

The step by step process is almost similar for all the various tax obligation. The difference comes in the information you will be required to key in and the format through which you submit your returns.

If your only source of income is from employment, follow the steps below


  1. Request your employer for your P9 form
  2. Go online and open on your browser
  3. Log on to itax site
  4. Enter your KRA pin/user ID and password.
  5. Answer the security question provided to log you in.
  6. Update your professional details
  7. Go to the returns menu and select ‘File Returns’ ITR for Employment income only.
  8. Select the tax obligation, in this case, Income tax- Resident individual, and click next
  9. Click to download the income tax return form on the link provided
  10. Enter your pin, type of return, return period ‘from’ and return period ‘to’ (01/01/2019-31/12/2019)
  11. Go to sheet F and enter the Employer Pin, Name of Employer, Gross Pay, Allowances and Benefits from employment as per the P9 form.
  12. Go to sheet ‘T’ ‘Tax computation’and the figure as is on your P9 form. Enter your personal relief where applicable.
  13. Confirm that the details you have entered match with what is on the P9 form, and then validate and generate the upload file.
  14. The file will be saved automatically.
  15. Enter the return period if filing for the first time.
  16. Upload the form by selecting the zip file saved agree to the terms and conditions and submit.
  17. Download the generated receipt for your income tax returns.

How to file Nil Returns

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your KRA pin/user ID and password
  3. Answer the security question provided to log you in
  4. Go to the Returns menu and click on File Nil Returns
  5. Select your type of taxation and tax obligation from the list provided and then enter your KRA PIN
  6. You will see a prompt to enter your details and return period
  7. Complete the accurately and then submit
  8. You will then receive an acknowledgement receipt.

You still have about 2 weeks before the fast approaching June 30 deadline.

Ensure you submit your returns as the KRA systems tend to slow down around that time as many people make the last minute rush to file their returns.

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