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How to Know if Someone is Using your WiFi

It is not uncommon to chance upon an unwelcome guest on your home WiFi. Some users can use their skills to hack into your network and apart from using your WiFi, they can view your devices and access more detailed information putting you at risk. They can access your devices, steal passwords, access your personal files, and even infect your devices with malware.

So, how exactly would you tell that a third party was using your WiFi? This article will take you through some simple effective ways to help you keep your network secure from unwanted guests.

If you are using windows, you can download the Wireless Network Watcher which lists all the devices connected to your network. Here, you can identify which ones belong to you and disconnect others. Once you launch the Wireless Network Watcher, scanning will begin and show a notification in the bottom left corner. Here, you can look through the various “Device Name” and “Network Adapter Company” columns to identify your devices.

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Some devices may not be recognizable based on their display name or manufacturing details. In this case, you can check for additional information by typing in your IP address to the browser to open your router’s management page. Once here, click on “Attached devices to view. Some may be named differently using more recognizable terms from those listed on the Wireless Network Watcher.

Check through the names and match them with every device that you are aware is connected to your WiFi network. If you have any smart gadgets, ensure that you can recognize each and every one of them.If you are not able to recognize any of the listed devices, then chances are that someone is using your WiFi.

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If you find any devices that you are unable to identify on your WiFi, you can simply resolve  the issue by changing the password. Choose the WPA2 password type as it is more secure and more difficult to crack than WEP. Most Wireless Network providers including Safaricom and Zuku offer this type of password.

For Mac users, the programs may be quite pricey. Options such as LanScan can cost up to Sh600 for full functionality.  Alternatively, you can try using Fing on your iPhone if you have one.

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