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How to Optimize Your Phone’s Battery Life


Our phones are mini-offices, banks, payment gateways, communication gadgets, cameras and so much more. Nowadays, almost all our activities have a mobile function tied to it. That said, it can be a real inconvenience when you expect to use your phone for a specific function and the battery fails at that particular moment.

If you are away from a charging port and you do not have access to a power-bank, a dead phone can mean you will have no access to cash, you will not be able to hail your favourite Taxi and you also will not be able to keep communication lines open with your loved ones.

However, there are a few tricks you can employ to optimize the battery life on your mobile phone.

Reduce your phone’s brightness

The brighter your screen is, the more power your phone uses. Pop ups from messages, phone calls, alarms etc will keep lighting your phone on and off and end up draining the battery life. Dim the brightness for longer use.

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Shorten the screen time-out period

After using your phone, either answering a phone call, replying to a message or reading a tweet, your phone should have a period before the screen times out. Check your settings to shorten the period to about 30 seconds or at most one minute to optimize battery life. If not set properly, your screen can even stay on for 15 or 30 minutes, just sucking the battery power long after you have put it aside.

Switch off vibration mode

Research has shown that vibration mode uses more power than normal ringtones. However, some situations will necessitate the use of this mode. In other circumstances though, it may not be necessary. Your phone could be on vibration mode, but you are attending an interview. Either way, you will probably not answer your phone. In cases where you do not intend to answer your phone, put it on silent and save the battery power.

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Close all open Apps and functions

We often use our phones for so many things. At one time, you will have the calculator, browser, Instagram app, Play store, Music, WhatsApp, a video on the background, PDF document and so much more, all open. This functions can keep running in the background and not only use your data, but also the phone’s battery. Ensure that you end a function when you are done with it.

Disable GPS or Location

Google and other apps such as Taxi-hailing rides, will request to use your device’s location from time to time. The GPS unit on your phone sends and receives signals to and from satellites to determine your exact location. Once you are done using the apps that require your location, go to the settings and disable the function. As long as your phone is sending and receiving packets of data, it will continually use the phone’s battery power.

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