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How to Password- protect a Folder on Google Photos

Google recently updated its Google Photos with a new folder feature that allows you to password-protect your private images. The locked folder allows users to add a password and is not discoverable in the photo feed or in other apps.

The feature is ideal for users who wish to hide sensitive images that they are not comfortable sharing on the phone. Some people have the habit of scrolling through someone’s phone images when shown a single photo. In other cases, kids looking to play games on your phone can accidentally come across some sensitive images even without your knowledge.

In such cases, it is important to protect your privacy and the security of your loved ones by keeping sensitive images away from the main feed.

The locked folder secures protected images using a password or your fingerprint.

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To set up your locked folder:

You can then move images from your gallery to the password-protected folder. Once you have set it up, you can save images directly in the folder. You can also move images directly from the locked folder to the main gallery and vice versa. The only difference is access to the locked folder requires your PIN or fingerprint.

Google is currently rolling out the feature, so if it is not yet on your phone, you should get it in the near future.

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