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I Played My Part- Tanzanian Singer Ben Pol Opens up on Divorce from Anerlisa Muigai

Tanzanian Singer Bernard Michael Paul Mnyangánga popularly known as Ben Pol has opened up on the events leading to his divorce from Kenyan business woman Anerlisa Muigai.

During an interview with the Saturday Nation, Ben Pol said he could not pinpoint a specific reason as to why the marriage failed.

“To say what exactly led to the crumbling of our marriage would be very difficult. At some point I felt the universe was communicating to me that something wasn’t right. There were so many red flags that initially I had ignored and issues kept piling up until I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to file for divorce,” he said.

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The singer admits that he was partly responsible for rocking the ship, but maintains that he did all he could to salvage the union. He however says that he is not sure whether the Keroche heiress wanted the marriage to work and that might have piled pressure on them.

“I believe I played my part, I tried to save the union because I wanted it to work but the universe had other plans. I gave my all, but I am not sure if she did the same. ”

The singer, who is now an environmental activist, believes that after getting married, they both became too comfortable and complacent, failing to nurture their love as they had done when they were dating, which was the best time of their relationship.

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“I think we let our guard down once we got married. We got too comfortable because during the dating phase, everyone tries to secure their position and prove to their partner that they are the right match.”

The two got married in 2020 after dating for a year. Barely a year later, Ben Pol filed for divorce without giving any reason for the dissolution of the marriage.

During a visit to Tanzania last year, Anerlisa blasted the singer for discussing their failed marriage with the public.

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“You know something that most people don’t understand is that marriage is not like any other relationship. Marriage should be respected, you cannot be going all over talking about your marriage carelessly,” she said.

“The best thing to do is to respect marriage and stop talking about it. We went for Bible studies and we were taught not to talk about marriage and even what happens after that. If you have broken up, let it stay that way but talking about it was a bit too much,” Anerlisa told journalists at Julius Nyerere International Airport.

However, Ben Pol sees nothing wrong with discussing the marriage, as they already broke up.

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“I am an artist and I have to do interviews and in all the interviews, the question of our marriage always pops up. If you check in all the interviews there is not even one where I ever disclosed what really went down. I have never said what she did until to date. I felt it wasn’t working as I had envisioned and I walked away.”

Ben Pol also admitted that the Nero Water company founder and owner partly financed his lifestyle, but said he also did his part, contrary to what many people on social media think.

“Its my belief that when in a relationship, couples should support each other. What is yours becomes hers and hers yours. She is a businesswoman and does lots of travelling as part of her schedule. She always asked me to accompany her and she would cater for that because she understood it wasn’t in my budget. Besides, I also took her on trips but it’s only that people will never give credit to that because of her background,” Ben Pol recounts.

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The two often shared their lavish escapades on social media, leading many to believe that Ben Pol was with the Keroche heiress for her money.

Ben Pol says the divorce took a toll on him mentally and emotionally before he finally recovered. He says that although he still desires to settle down in future, his focus now is on the environment.

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