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IED Kills 2 Al Shabaab Terrorists as They Set it Up on Road in Garissa

man hacked to death in kirinyaga


A bomb went off and killed at least two Al Shabaab logisticians Tuesday as they emplaced it on the road in Amuma area, Garissa county.

Police said the two were emplacing the Improvised Explosive Device on the main supply route used by security agencies and other motorists when it exploded.

The badly mutilated bodies were found sprawled all over at the scene, police said.

Witnesses said the gang had dug a usually busy route ready for the emplacement of the remote-controlled bomb when it went off.

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The body parts were picked up for disposal, police said adding they are investigating the incident.

“It exploded and killed the two on the spot,” said a police officer aware of the operation.

It is the latest such incident in the area after a lull for days.

Such incidents are common in the area amid calls on the locals to raise alarm on them whenever they witness the same.

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Police say they have upped their operations in the area to tame the plans for the attacks.

A number of ambushes have happened in the past two months which left dozens of security agents dead and injured.

The area is near the Kenya- Somalia border where the terrorists cross and launch attacks inland.

A major operation is ongoing in the area to address al-Shabaab-related attacks, which happen because of others, the proximity to the main Kenya-Somalia border.

The area near the border with Somalia has suffered a series of terrorist attacks which have forced the government to suspend plans to reopen the Kenya-Somalia border.

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