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Improving Your Income With Part-Time Jobs

Food, housing, insurance, entertainment, and other expenses may add up quickly in South Korea. Thus, whether you are a student who needs to support yourself or a working expat looking for extra money to complement your salary, side hustles are an excellent way to generate money in your spare time.

The part-time job experience differs depending on the visa type and Korean language speaking skills.

Here are several high-paying part-time jobs for expats to improve their income.

To make this page as useful to as many expats as possible, I will mostly list professions that do not require Korean language skills.

Before I get into the possible part-time occupations, here are some suggestions for finding a side hustle in Korea:

Why are there part-time jobs in South Korea?

The benefits of working part-time in South Korea are outlined below.

Part-time work is an excellent choice for students because it provides valuable experience and financial support.

Several South Korean schools and universities include internships as part of their curricula.

Students can continue their studies while also earning money through internships.

Working part-time in South Korea improves your resume and provides a good reference while looking for a full-time career.

List of Part-Time Jobs to Improve Your Income 

1. Acting/Modeling/Voice Work Part Time

The first part-time jobs on our list are acting, modeling, and voice work, which can be discovered on Craigslist or through an agency. 

Working as an extra in movies and TV shows can be a fun way to learn about set life, but be careful to take it seriously! You can easily build or ruin a reputation based on how you work. 

While these might pay well for short working hours, they are unstable, and employers are picky about who they hire. That is the life of modeling and acting, after all! Try creating your portfolio and see your talents and opportunities expand!

2. Bars and Clubs, Part-Time

Moving forward to the second part-time job on our list, bars in hotspots like Hongdae, Itaewon, and Gangnam are looking for more international personnel to accommodate the recent increase in foreign consumers. So, if you enjoy mixing drinks, promoting parties, or are just a party animal, ask around to see who is hiring. Some other part-time jobs under this group is what Koreans call room alba or 룸알바, a unique part-time job for young people who want to earn an extra income especially in the entertainment industry.

To be able to work in bars and clubs as a part-time job, you must be able to speak Korean and have a student or other permanent residency visa (excluding F4). However, these professions may be really enjoyable and allow you to meet a wide range of new individuals!

3. English Language Teacher

After years of isolation from the Western world, Korea has extended its arms to the West. Many people wish to learn English so that they can better understand other cultures.

So, whether you are a native speaker or not, if you know English well, you can teach it. Many English cafes allow you to work without a teaching visa. 

In English cafes, you can lead free-form speaking sessions and answer people’s queries. If you speak English well, it might be a relatively straightforward part-time job in Korea.

4. Cashier

Working as a part-time cashier in a convenience shop is never out of the question, right? This is the most flexible part-time employment available in Korea. It is an excellent choice for people with children or who must attend classes alone.

Furthermore, this can be excellent part-time employment for language students. Normally, there aren’t many customers in the store at once, so you won’t be overwhelmed. However, you will still get the opportunity to practice speaking Korean.

5. Freelancer

They believe that if you are good at something, don’t do it for free. This should be your slogan as you begin your professional career. Especially if you’re residing in Korea. So, if you have any unique skills, why not use them to earn money from the comfort of your own home?

The best part about freelancing is that you can select when and how you want to work. Here are a few options to consider:

6. Be a micro-influencer

If you live in Korea and are seeking freelancing jobs, KoreabyMe is hiring freelance writers and micro-influencers.

If you’re familiar with Korean roads, this could be the ideal part-time job for you. You can sign up with a company like Coupang or Baedalmin and start delivering.

However, this employment requires a driver’s license and some knowledge of Korean. Korea’s traffic laws are highly stringent and strictly enforced. 

In addition, you must be able to use Korean delivery applications. However, if you have such skills, this could be one of the most lucrative methods to make money in Korea.

7. Barista

Korea has the highest per capita coffee consumption. A vast number of baristas are needed to feed the addiction.

With so many cafés, there’s a lot of competition to create the perfect American. Training sessions are sometimes lengthy, and you’ll need to learn extensive menus.

Despite this, it is one of the most common forms of part-time work, and hiring a foreign barista gives firms an advantage over their competition. 

Websites for Finding Part-Time Jobs in Korea.

First, let’s take a look at various websites and apps that can help you find part-time jobs in Korea.

The list is limitless. These are just a few of the websites where you can locate part-time jobs. These websites can help you find a part-time job at your convenience. 


Finding a part-time job in Korea as a student or foreigner can provide you with a variety of experiences that will help you enjoy your time there.

Whether you are interested in education, hospitality, entertainment, retail, information technology, voice acting, or translation, there is likely an opportunity that suits your skills and interests.

The key to finding suitable part-time work is to be inventive, proactive and prepared to embrace opportunities when they arise.


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