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Instead of Providing Security, Ole Lenku Has Organised Uhuru’s Welcome Party

The Cabinet Secretary in charge of Interior Coordination is the man in charge of all aspects of our security. The man has all state machinery at his disposal to ensure our safety. Well, he seems to have achieved everything as now he is concentrating in organising ‘the biggest’ welcome party for President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The President who was attending the ICC Status Conference regarding his case in the same court, is expected to land at JKIA from 8AM. The President will then pass through Nairobi hoping to see the biggest cheering crowd along the way. It will be a disappointment if you don’t line along Outerring Road, Jogoo Road, Haileselasie Avenue and Harambee Avenue to welcome President Uhuru and intimidate Ruto stoping him from refusing to hand over power back to Ruto.

Uhuru’s advisers realised that there is no constitutional provision for the handover of power back to the President from the bonoko or acting President. So Uhuru only handed over outriders and swanky limousines to Ruto. The Deputy President had no powers to even swat the flies trying to gain access into the OP.

Meanwhile, the statement from Joseph Ole Lenku reads,

I invite Kenyans to turn out and welcome His Excellency the President back home.

The President will use the following route: Outer Ring road, Jogoo road, Landhies, Haile Selassie Avenue, Harambee Avenue to Harambee house.

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