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Jacque Maribe Granted Bail, Jowie To Remain In Custody

Jacque Maribe granted bail as her fiance Jowie Irungu will remain in custody. The court said that there was no evidence that she would interfere with witnesses.

The court released her on a cash bail of Sh. 1 million with three sureties of the same. She was given a bond option of Sh. 2 million  with one surety of the same amount.

She shall not read news, comment or do interviews during the time of the trial.

The court said that that she has a strong social status and her networks will not allow her to abscond. The court did not did not consider Maribe a flight risk and therefore said that the prosecution did not place before court adequate evidence to prove such allegations.

The court said that Maribe was considered innocent until proven guilty therefore her life should not be interrupted.

The court said that Jowie does not have a fixable attachment in the country and therefore cannot guarantee the court that he will not abscond, Justice Wakiaga said that he is known to the family of the victim and has a love for guns and therefore he might attempt to threaten the potential witnesses.

The judge said that he had already attempted to destroy evidence of the piece of cloth that he was wearing. The court said that the prosecution presented strong compelling reasons to deny the first accused bail.

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