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Jimi Wanjigi, a Disgraced Former Inspector of Police with Illegal Firearms

Kahawa Tungu yesterday established that Presidential aspirant Jimmy Wanjigi is not a licensed firearm holder as his license was revoked in 2018.

Documents in our possession dated January 30, 2018, revealed that the then Secretary for Firearms and Licensing Board Samuel Kimaru revoked Wanjigi’s firearms licenses on the grounds that he was unfit to be trusted with the firearms.

He was ideally ordered to return 7 firearms that were in his possession illegally and he is yet to comply with the same.

“I wish to notify you in accordance with the provisions of the Firearms Act. Cap. 114 Laws of Kenya that your Firearm Certificate No.9522 issued to you on 12th June 2014 is with effect from the date of this notice, revoked as the Firearms Licensing Board is satisfied that the revocation is warranted under Section 3 (5) (b) and Section 5(7) of the above-mentioned Act for reasons that you are unfit to be entrusted with a firearm anymore,” the document read in part.

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New details are now emerging according to blogger Abraham Mutai depicting Wanjigi as a former Inspector of Police who is in possession of firearms illegally.

In a Twitter thread, Mutai cites the most recent ruling by High Court Judge Anthony Mrima sentencing DCI Boss George Kinoti to four months in jail over contempt of court as a corrupt one, done in favor of Wanjigi.

Apparently, Wanjigi was an Inspector General of Police but was sacked and stripped off police powers because he misused them and threatened people. He was also ordered to surrender all firearms in his possessions but he used corrupt means to acquire a license.

A few years later, complaints were again launched against him for using his firearms to threaten and intimidate people where the licenses were again revoked. He yet again used dubious means to get the firearms licenses and had 16 firearms in his possession.

Following the 2017 saga where his Muthaiga house was raided, several firearms and ammunition were recovered and taken in police custody.

“In 2017 a search at his premises in Muthaiga found the following firearms and ammunitions: Glock Pistol s/No. UAB630,  Assault rifle mini archer s/no 2013 1m 111,  Assault rifle CQ s/no CN005433-13, Glock Pistol s/no UAB 632, S/Wesson sw99 SAE 0332, Glock Pistol, Glock Pistol UAB646,  237 rounds of 9mm ammunition and 451 rounds of 5.56 mm of ammunition. Total ammunition were 688,” Mutai said.

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Among the 7 firearms that had been seized by the police, only 5 reportedly belonged to him while the other two belonged to other people. Consequently, 588 of the ammunition were among the most lethal and prohibited with only terrorists said to possess such.

Following the saga, his civilian firearms certificate was revoked for the 3rd time by the gun licensing officer and Wanjigi was ordered to return any other firearms he had in his possession.

According to Mutai, there are four other pistols in Wanjigi’s possession that are yet to be recovered by the authorities.

On February 7, 2018, Police did a ballistic examination of some of Wanjigi’s guns and found out that two rifles namely CN005433-13 and Mini Archer s/no 2013-IM11 were semi-automatic assault rifles designed to chamber ammunitions of caliber 5.56mmx 45. These are categorized as prohibited weapons under the firearms Act hence illegal.

Thus, Mutai terms the decision by High Court Judge Anthony Mrima to sentence DCI Boss Kinoti to four months in jail as a witch-hunt adding that Wanjigi’s license was revoked by the Licensing Board and not the DCI boss.

Here are more documents on the same:

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