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Journalists Complain That Kanze Dena Called Them in Mombasa To “Tuma Salamu”

Journalists present for the President’s address in Mombasa were a disappointed lot after President Uhuru Kenyatta was a no show and in his place, State House spokesperson Kanze Dena.

Members of the fourth estate say that Ms Dena who was put on the spot over the possible cabinet reshuffle only summoned them to the very scenic State House only to send “greetings.”

The former Citizen TV reporter dismissed the claims saying: “That is news to me; I am unaware of any plans by the President to reshuffle the Cabinet. If you could give me more information regarding the speculations, I would appreciate. My office has no information about those plans.”

The journos are now accusing State House of wasting their time and resources; sending reporters to the presser and beaming the event live.

Some say that Kanze’s statement on Uhuru’s invitation to the United States by President Donald Trump was really an unimportant issue, instead she should have sent a statement to newsrooms.

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Others also say that the head of state was really going to make an important announcement but must have chickened out at the last minute.

Critics have said that as the President seeks to achieve the Big Four agenda and win the fight against corruption, he remains a hostage of the Mt Kenya mafia, favours owed.

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