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Jowie, Maribe Jointly Killed Monica – Witness Testifies

A witness has testified in court that Jowie Irungu and his then-girlfriend Jacque Maribe jointly murdered businesswoman Monica Kimani.

The final witness while testifying yesterday told the court that Jowie was at the scene of the murder the day businesswoman Monica Kimani was murdered.

According to Maxwell Otieno, the Chief Investigating Officer in the case, Jowie changed clothes twice, at the victim’s and Maribe’s houses.

The officer further testified that Jowie was captured at the crime scene and later left the premises after committing the offense.

Apparently, the items collected from Maribe’s house and used as exhibits in the case place both Irungu and Maribe as having corresponded in the crime.

The items included a pair of khaki shorts, one brown short-sleeved T-shirt, a grey leather jacket, a grey suit, a blue/white jacket, a Nike shoe and a beige jacket. Also collected from Maribe’s house was a 9 mm bullet under the bed.

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Thus, the officer stated that the fact that these items were in Maribe’s house makes her guilty of having participated in the murder.

“We were looking for evidence of clothes he was wearing that day. We were subjecting the evidence to investigations. The information we had received was that he was at some point putting on a khaki greyish trouser, a darkish T-shirt, red cap and a white kanzu. At some point while at Lamuria he was wearing a kanzu and a greyish jacket,” said the witness.

Notably, the witness also cites that Maribe’s car was used to pick Irungu up just a few kilometers from the scene of the murder.

In the previous hearings, it was also revealed that Jowie had asked for paraffin or air freshener to “burn some stuff” on the night Monica Kimani was killed.

Brian Kasaine, then Jacque Maribe and Jowie’s neighbor at Royal Park estate in Lang’ata, said the latter called him via WhatsApp at around 2 am asking for the said items.

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“On September 20, 2018 while asleep at around 2am, I was awakened by Irungu’s WhatsApp call asking for paraffin. I got surprised at such a request for the items by him at such a late hour. I replied and told him I did not have any item requested by him,” he told Justice Grace Nzioka on Wednesday.

Asked by the prosecution what kind of stuff the accused person burnt, Kasaine said he (Jowie) did not mention.

Kasaine testified that he met the accused in February 2018 when he first moved in with Maribe, then a news anchor at Citizen TV.

According to the witness, Jowie told him that he had previously worked with a private military in Dubai and while in Kenya, he provided security for notable people.

He told the court that he first gave Jowie his firearm in July 2018 for practice.

The case will commence on July 11, 2022.

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