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Kamene Goro on How She was Swindled Sh16,000 on First Date

Netflix’s latest true-crime documentary dubbed Tinder Swindler has taken the country by a storm, sweeping through international borders.

Following its release, netizens across different countries have expressed mixed reactions, with a section wondering how swift the ‘con’ character Simon Leviev managed to swindle huge sums of money and still walk scot-free.

For instance, the documentary reveals that Mr Leviev was not charged for swindling the women in the documentary money despite existing evidence to prove the same. Infact, until recently, he was still operating his Tinder and Instagram accounts, depicting a lavish lifestyle.

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In the Kenyan edition of the same, women have come out to explain how they have fallen prey to men who pretended to love them and ended up conning them.

Kamene Goro, a radio host and media personality was not left out as she claims to have been swindled Sh16,000 on the first day.

Speaking during the morning Kiss FM talk show, Kamene revealed that she ended up giving Sh16,000 on the first date to a guy she thought she loved.

Apparently, the guy showed up for the date and during that time, he claimed dsomething had come up and he needed the cash urgently.

“He was life, unaezakua na 16K kwa Mpesa? I’ll refund later. To make it look legit, he paid for the bill,” Kamene said.

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The sassy Kiss FM presenter added that it was not the first time she had been dubbed by a con-man as she ended up paying more money to other guys she had dated on the pretense that they would refund but they ended up being fraudsters.

In yet another thread on Facebook, women have recounted their experiences with men who have dupped them to sell their assets and life savings only for them to disappear into thin air.

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