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Kenyan, Jacob Muriithi, Arrested in USA After Threatening to Behead Colleague

A Kenyan working as a home care nurse in USA’s Oklahoma City was Friday arrested on a terrorism charge Friday after he allegedly threatened to behead a female coworker at a nursing home.

Jacob Muriithi was swiftly detained at Bellevue Nursing Home in Oklahoma City after his unnamed colleague filed a police report against him on Sept. 16th.

Jacob is alleged to have commited the offence on Sept. 13th. Apparently Jacob made the threats after the female colleague negatively commented about a star of David necklace which he was wearing.

Muriithi allegedly told the victim he was Muslim and affiliated with ISIS, and that they “killed Christians by cutting off their heads.”  He then made a suggestion that he “was going to wait until she got off work and cut her head off” and then post it on Facebook.

When asked why ISIS kills Christians, the Muriithi said “that is just what we do,” an affidavit states.

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