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Kenyans Must Realise that Uhuru and Ruto Have Turned this Country Into Hell

By Tesh

When you witness how Uhuruto and their cabals are looting Kenya, you don’t have to think of hell being elsewhere.

Don’t even waste your prayers for God to save you from hell when at the same time you pray for Uhuruto to continue looting (or is it ruling?). It is like praying for God to become the King of hell or Satan to become the king of heaven. Neither works!

(1) It is hell for uhuruto to charge Kenyans Sh828.6 million per km of SGR while Tanzanians are being charged Sh284 million per km of SGR that is twice as fast and electric. At Tanzanian SGR standard, Kenya’s SGR (a much more inferior vintage) would have costed Kenya Sh155.4 billions, not Sh414.3 billion. Thus, Uhuruto conspired to loot Kenyans a whooping 259 Billions in a single project. Looting is twice the value of the project itself.

(2) It is hell for uhuruto to declare famine a national disaster after charging each of the 2.5 million starving people Sh 110,000 for food security via the Galana-Kulalu project and delivering a bag of maize at an exorbitant cost of over sh 7,000.

(3) It is hell that those who are not spared of famine exploitation are left to the vagaries of disease exploitation after uhuruto conned doctors through a CBA that they had no desire to implement. Doctors have been conned, 1.5 billion set for children immunization has been looted. 5.7 billion set for maternal healthcare has been looted by # relaThieves. Much more has been looted from HIV/AIDS victims.

(4) It is hell that Billions belonging to the youths via NYS has been looted by uhuruto’s accomplices and proxies while youth unemployment spirals beyond 40% (only equivalent to war-torn countries).

(5) It is hell that every other mega project engineered by Uhuruto is a scandal to loot. Ministries, State Corporations and Parastatals have just become cash cows for Uhuruto’s looting enterprise.

(6) It is hell that Uhuruto are planning a 2.7 trillion budget yet the Auditor General has specifically emphasized that 1/3 of this budget is looted and only 1% of it is put to effective use.

(7) It is hell that Uhuruto have subjected Kenyans to debt-slavery that runs up to year 2085 with over 40% of their economic output being directed to service these loans procured with the sole intent of being looted.

(8) It even more of hell to imagine that such relentless thugs are shamelessly preparing themselves to continue looting beyond 2017. A regime that steals from desperate youths, expectant mothers, victims of famine, the sick and dying can only be a regime from hell.

It is a worse hell that a significant population of its inhabitants have been indoctrinated with tribal fear and hypnotized to engage in ritualistic demonic worship of these merchants of strife, famine, disease, ignorance, poverty and death.

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