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Khaligraph Jones On Skin Bleaching Allegations In Toa Tint (Video)

Khaligraph Jones’ New hit, Toa Tint

Rapper Khaligraph Jones made an appearance on Ntv’s The Trend, with a lighter skin tone.

Papa Jones, as he is popularly known, claimed that his skin was lighter because he was drinking clean water and did not get too much sun.

Yesterday, Octopizzo called him out on social media, telling Khaligraph that he could always open up about any self esteem issues he might be having.

Khaligraph has constantly denied the rumors of him bleaching but there are those that still believe he could be onto something. Octopizzo went in on Papa Jones on Instagram saying:

 “Ndugu Omollo, nilikua nataka nikutoe Rangi lakini sasa siwezi ju umejitoa mwenyewe! Ok this is not even funny am in shock!!,kama ni ukweli hizi risto naskia ati unajipaka aloevera then congratulations coz you just played yourself; Na Kama umecatch feelings katoe diss track coz matime we ukua na kiherehere sana.

But as my brother in hip-hop, kama ni self-esteem issues please am open to talk to you as a peer coz sometimes the society can be harsh & am saying this coz #iCare and you are a friend.

So look for me when am back in the country. #Blacklivesmatter #beProud #beBlack

But Kama umejitoa rangi ju ya hype then wee ni bure kabisa.

Khaligraph has responded to the bleaching allegations in the best way he knows how. The rapper has released a new track, TOA TINT.

In the track he addresses the skin bleaching allegations saying that it does not matter since he is still at the top of the game.

Here’s the link to Khaligraph’s new hit:

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