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Kidero, Sonko At It Again, Wants The Senator Arrested

Nairobi Governor, Evans Kidero

Evans Kidero, Nairobi Governor has threatened to have Senator Mike Sonko for what he has claimed as vandalism of water pipes.

The outspoken and flashy Senator has been accused of vandalizing city water pipes while pretending to supply water to city residents. The governor has accused Mike Sonko of destroying water pipes belonging to the Nairobi Water and Sewarage Company in an attempt to deliver water to residents.

”He is getting the water through vandalizing pipes belonging to Nairobi Water and Sewarage Company and he is making the matter even worse by supplying water whose hygienic condition cannot be ascertained. We are going to arrest him and his team if he continues vandalizing the pipes,” Kidero said.

This comes weeks after there was reportedly a cholera outbreak in the some parts of the country, including Nairobi. The governor who is seeking a second term in office, said that Sonko’s way of delivering water was misguided at it would not solve the problem.

Senator, Mike Sonko

He added that the water scarcity was caused by the drought that affected the country. He however said that the issue was under control and that there were proper and strategic interventions in place.

” We have been rationing water in the city because of the drought that affected the water levels at the Ndakaini dam. We hope that after the completion of the Northern Water Collector tunnel, we will get enough water to supply to the Nairobi residents but water bowsers will not solve the problem,” Dr. Evans added.

Mike Sonko did not take the governor’s criticism lying down and took a swipe at him saying that the county boss refuses to implement the Water Bill passed by Senate.


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