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Revealed: Killer Used Two Knives to Stab Nairobi Hospital Finance Boss 25 Times

suspect in murder of eric maigo, cynthia lusego

Nairobi Hospital Finance Director Erick Maigo. [COURTESY]

The killer behind the murder of Nairobi Hospital finance director Erick Maigo used two knives in the attack.

The blood-stained knives were recovered in the house and results from the fingerprints show they were handled by one person who is the suspected killer, police said.

It is believed the killer used one knife in the attack and after it became bloody she went for a second one.
The knives are being kept as exhibits as the hunt for the main suspect behind the murder goes on.
Police are holding a woman in the probe into the cold-blooded murder of Maigo.

Cynthia Lusega Andalo was produced in court under miscellaneous application on Monday afternoon and police allowed to hold her for five days as part of the probe into the murder.

The woman in custody is among people who were last seen with Maigo last Thursday before his body was found in the house in Woodley, Nairobi.

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Maigo had been to a popular club along Ngong Road where he met a number of people including three women.

Police visited the club as part of the efforts to identify all those who met him at the joint. The team reviewed surveillance cameras at the establishment to get more information.

It was then they identified Andalo. The officers are yet to identify and get two others.

They include the main suspected killer who is on the run, police said.

Police say an analysis of Maigo’s mobile phone shows he sent money to a number of people on Thursday prior to his death.

The hunt on the main culprit, a woman in her early thirties is ongoing, police handling the matter said.

Security footage shows Maigo left the club with the wanted woman.

Maigo’s body had 25 stab wounds that caused his death, an autopsy showed.

The postmortem which was conducted at the Lee Funeral Home on Saturday revealed some vital organs were raptured by the stabs in the attack.

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“He had 25 stab wounds. This caused both external and internal bleeding,” said chief government pathologist Dr Johansen Oduor.

He said there were no defense injuries meaning the man lay as he was being stabbed.

Oduor said they suspect the attacker sat on the man’s belly as she stabbed him to inflict deadly injuries and immobilize him.

Officials took swabs and other samples from the body for further analysis and toxicology tests to establish if he was poisoned before the murder.

The attacker, a middle-aged woman did not steal anything from the deceased house, police said.

Police said they are yet to establish the motive of the murder.

An analysis on the security surveillance cameras showed the woman scale a wall behind the compound and escape.

She was then carrying a pair of shoes and a bag on her hands. Maigo, 36 was Friday, September 15 morning found murdered in his house at Woodley estate, Nairobi.

Maigo’s body was found with the 25 stabs minutes after he had been killed at about 6 am, police said.

His assailant, a female who had spent the night at the house and escaped minutes before police arrived.

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Neighbours said they heard the two arrive home on Thursday and played music until late.

It was until the following day that they heard Maigo groan for help.

Neighbors at the Woodley Annex apartment said they heard Maigo groaning in pain.

They decided to go to his door and knocked it only to be confronted by a woman who informed them all was well and she was looking for the keys to open. The woman peeped through the window claiming she could not locate the key.

The neighbors could hear Maigo still groaning in pain and seeking help. The lady who was in the house refused to open prompting the neighbors to alert the security at the compound.

They asked the security not to allow anyone from the house to leave as they went to report the matter.

By the time police arrived at the scene they found the woman suspected to have acted alone missing.

The rear door was open and Maigo’s body was lying in a pool of blood on the floor.

The murder comes ahead of a planned annual general meeting of the hospital amid audit queries.

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