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Lawyer Shortlisted For IEBC Position On Spot Over Links With Mudavadi’s ANC Party

Lawyer Harriete Chiggai who is shortlisted for the IEBC position has been put on the spot over links with Musalia Mudavadi’s Amani National Congress (ANC) party.

During the interview on Monday, it emerged that Chiggai has an affiliation to the ANC party as she chairs its Internal Dispute Resolution.

This, the interviewing panel noted would be a hindrance to her duties and thus influence how she would deliver her role should she get the job.

Addressing the same, the lawyer stated that she is non-partisan and her affiliation to the ANC would not hinder her from doing her job.

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She further added that she wants her conduct to be checked for her performance and how well she served rather than the part that she is affiliated with.

“I am an independent person and my current affiliation to the ANC party will not interfere with my work when given the opportunity. The job at hand is a job of duty. The moment you are given the duty you delink yourself,” she said.

She added, “…and my track record sells itself. There is a lot of written and signed by all the institutions I have worked in and I would wish Kenyans to test me by ensuring that I capture this seat,” she said revealing she is chair Internal Dispute Resolution at ANC party.

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