Magufuli Leading By Example, Spotted Collecting Offering At A Local Church (Photos)

President Magufuli cleaning outside state palace

Tanzanian President, John Pombe Magufuli was over the weekend a very busy man. The ever controversial leader was not launching a project or talking ill of anyone.

In fact the President was doing the Lord’s work. The Bible does say, ”Whoever serves me, the Lord will honour.”

Magufuli was spotted collecting offerings from the congregation at a local church. He has been described as a humble and man of integrity.

Tanzanian President, John Magufuli collects offerings from congregants. / MRISHO GAMBO FACEBOOK

Mr Pombe was in his other life a school teacher and his father a peasant farmer. The 5th President of Tanzania as seen in the picture leads by example. Take for example, on December 9 he cancelled Independence day celebrations and instead ordered for a national cleaning day which he took part in.

The ‘Bulldozer’ since taking office has been channeling Tanzania’s monetary sources to more important ventures like education, health.

On his third day as President, he banned foreign travel by public servants and later instructed that all public institutions cut expenditure on refreshments during meetings.

Maybe Mr Pombe should vie for the Kenyan Presidency and see how much money he could save us.

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Written by Eva Nyambura

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