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Man Denies Being In Incestuous Relationship With Woman Shot At City Park

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A man shot on May 20, 2018 at City Park in the company of his aunt on Wednesday denied having an affair with the former and being found naked in the car on the material day.

“I had no affair with my aunt; we were just having a good time together. Our relationship was just that of an aunt and a nephew. Even my uncle was comfortable with our friendship,” he said.

Bernard Chege, 27 while testifying against the two officers; William Chirchir (Makadara) and Godfrey Kirui (Industrial Area police station), who shot his aunt, Janet Waiyaki to death denied disobeying police orders.

Chege told High Court judge Martha Mutuku that he and the deceased were “chilling” at the park when he was waken up by loud banging on the car.

He quickly drove off only to stop a few metres ahead. He felt a pain in his back, he had been shot.

A female police officer tried to help out of the car and wake his aunt up, but she lay there motionless. She was dead.

He was rushed to Avenue Park hospital.

He further detailed events leading to Ms Waiyaki’s tragic death saying that on the night of May 19, he (Chege) had picked his aunt from her Donholm home for Pangani shopping centre where they spent the entire evening chewing miraa.

They would later leave for the Rift Valley view point to catch the sunrise. They were in the company of a friend, only identified as Koome.

“We spent some time taking pictures of the sunrise then left. The plan was to take her back home since she was tired, but she said she didn’t want to go home and that we should rest at City Park,” he added.

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Chege’s mother, Faith Wangechi said that she fought the thought of her son being involved with his aunt.

“The thought of my son having an affair with his aunt was disgusting and I felt ashamed, just like any mother would. It was unusual for me to imagine my son being found naked inside a car with a person he calls aunt,” she said.

The case will be heard on June 26.

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