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Marsabit Senator Wants EACC to Probe “Irregular” Sh2.1 Billion Payments by County Gov’t

marsabit corruption

Marsabit Senator Said Chute. [COURTESY]

Marsabit Senator Mohamed Said Chute has petitioned state agencies to probe Sh2.1 billion payments which he alleges were made irregularly by the county government.

Chute petitioned the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to open an inquiry into the payments.
The Senator revealed he had outlined how the Mohamud Ali-led government may have violated the law.

“Please find attached booklet containing an analysis of irregular payment of suppliers from my office, requisition and schedule of supplier from the County government of Marsabit for your perusal and subsequent investigation,” Chute’s letter dated August  2, 2023 reads in part.

The letter to EACC chief executive officer Twalib Mbarak was received on August 3, 2023, while that to DCI Mohamed Amin’s office was received on August 4, 2023.

Governor Ali has however rubbished the graft claims labeling them as nonsensical and misleading while threatening to sue the Senator for defamation.

“Some of these people making the loudest noise wished they supplied the county with various goods and services. Their bitterness is, I said no to corrupt dealings they wanted,” said Ali.

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“I will not take lightly such unfounded allegations with the intention of tainting my image, and reputation and demeaning my persona. I’ve already directed lawyers to dispatch letters for possible legal actions.”

He denied any wrongdoing saying he was ready to be investigated.

In the dossier, Chute said over Sh1.3 billion was used for relief food and water supply to drought-hit areas in the last year alone contrary to the Public Finance Management Act.
The other payments questioned include Sh382.2 million spent for construction services, Sh44.2 million for solid waste, Sh134.2 million for water services, and Sh200 million for Health Services.

The law requires that a county government can only use an equivalent of two percent of its revenue in cases of urgent and unforeseen events.
On May 22, 2023 Chute wrote to the Controller of Budget Margaret Nyakang’o seeking to be furnished with copies of requisitions and schedules of suppliers provided by the county government.

CoB through Macklin Ogolla responded on June 6, 2023. 
An analysis obtained from the list provided by CoB indicates that at least eight companies that secured lucrative deals to supply relief food and other items share office addresses despite having different directors.

Dreamzone Company Ltd, Bukhu Holdings Ltd, Blue Solutions Ltd and Windward Consulting Ltd are indicated as sharing the same address at City Square Nairobi while Kachacha Company Ltd, Digital Edge Construction Co. Ltd, Elello General Construction Ltd and Kayo 2017 Ltd share an address in Marsabit.
Elello General Construction Ltd’s directors listed are Jillo Doyo Waqo and Godana Duba Boru.

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The two individuals are also listed as directors of Kachacha Company Ltd.
Kayo 2017 Ltd’s sole director is Doyo Abduba Bukicha, Dreamzone is owned by Abdullahi Mohamed Ahmed, Buku holding belongs to Liban Ibrahim Dida while Windward belongs to Safo Jillo Aga and Digit Age is owned by Guyo Abdalla Adams.

Dreamzone was paid over Sh120 million in four vouchers dated  June 30,  2016 of Sh94.5 million, 10.1 million, Sh8.8 million and Sh7.2 million all indicated as supply and delivery of cereals, pulses and miscellaneous food stuffs.

Sowle Trading Company belonging to Mohamed Nura Hassan  was paid Sh127 million on May 17, 2023 supply and delivery of cereals, pulses and miscellaneous food stuffs while Al Haleem (k) Ltd got a Sh44.8 million on June 30, 2013 and a similar payment of Sh44.8 million on June 6, 2023 under the same contract.

Khachaha Company Ltd was payments in three tranches of Sh3.6 million on April 24, 2023, Sh3.9 million on April 24, 2023 and another Sh2.8 million on the same day.

Bhuku Holdings was paid Sh29.6 million on June 9,  2023 while Elello General Supplies was paid Sh14.8 million on June 30, 2023.

Digital Age was also paid Sh1.5 million on June 30, 2013 for water trucking services while Modisand Bro was paid Sh2 million for pipeline extension to manyatta Chorora in Saku, Sh1.3 million for repair of engine overhaul of GKA722S and Sh3.8 million for engine overhaul and body repair for a county water bowser.

The UDA lawmaker claims that although the county made some requisitions for payment, part of the cash was likely diverted as some suppliers haven’t been paid while there is a likelihood for ghost projects.

The Senator identified the water project in Laisamis Sub county that was done at Sh5 million by an NGO but which the county sought and obtained approval to use Sh5 million to pay.

“It is quite a pity to see a huge list of companies owned by his close associates and his staff being awarded and paid a lot of money yet they have done nothing,” Chute stated.

Both EACC and DCI said they are analyzing the report for action.

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