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Meta To Unleash Human-Like AI Chatbots In User Retention Drive

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Meta, the parent company of social media giants Facebook and Instagram, is gearing up to introduce a groundbreaking development in the world of artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots.

According to a report from the Financial Times, Meta plans to unveil AI chatbots with remarkably human-like personalities in a strategic move to enhance user retention efforts.

Insiders familiar with the matter disclosed that prototypes of these advanced chatbots have been in the works, and the final products are set to engage users in discussions at a level akin to human interactions.

The diverse range of chatbots will showcase various personalities, and their release is anticipated as early as next month.

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Referred to as “personas” by Meta’s staff, these chatbots take on the form of distinct characters, making their interactions with users more engaging and immersive.

Among the personas under exploration, there is a chatbot emulating the speech style of former United States President Abraham Lincoln, and another designed to offer travel advice with a surfer-like demeanor.

The primary purpose of these innovative chatbots will be to provide recommendations and introduce new search functionalities.

Additionally, they are intended to be a playful and enjoyable feature for users to interact with. Meta is considering implementing automated checks on the chatbots’ outputs to ensure accuracy and prevent any potential rule-breaking speech.

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This move by Meta aligns with its significant efforts to retain users on its platforms. During Meta’s second-quarter earnings call in 2023 on July 26, CEO Mark Zuckerberg highlighted the company’s focus on user retention, particularly with Threads, a product aimed at competing with Twitter.

Zuckerberg reported that more users were returning daily than expected, underscoring the success of their retention strategy.

The earnings call also revealed an additional $3.7 billion investment into metaverse development, further reinforcing the company’s commitment to futuristic technology.

While the introduction of these highly interactive chatbots promises to revolutionize user experiences, it also raises concerns about data privacy.

Similar AI chatbot ventures, like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, have faced legal challenges over alleged data theft via their bots. Meta will likely need to address such issues and ensure user data remains safeguarded as it ventures into this cutting-edge technology.

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