Michael Oher: From Adversity To Success

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Michael Oher Net

Michael Oher’s journey from a challenging upbringing to a successful NFL career has inspired many.

Born on May 28, 1986, in Memphis, Tennessee, he faced numerous obstacles growing up but persevered to achieve great success in the football world.

  • Michael Oher Net Worth: $16 Million
  • Date of Birth: May 28, 1986
  • Place of Birth: Memphis, Tennessee
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Footballer

Michael Oher Net Worth

As of the latest estimates, Michael Oher net worth is approximately $16 million.

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His earnings come from his professional football career, endorsements, and business ventures.

Michael Oher Early Life and Challenges

Michael Oher‘s childhood was marked by hardships and instability. He faced poverty, homelessness, and a lack of stable family support.

However, fate intervened when he was taken in by the Tuohy family, who provided him with a stable and caring home environment.

Football Talent and College Success

Oher’s remarkable athleticism and football talent didn’t go unnoticed.

During his high school years, he excelled on the football field, gaining recognition as one of the top prospects in the country. His skills and potential led him to receive numerous college scholarship offers.


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Michael Oher went on to play college football at the University of Mississippi, where he became an integral part of the Ole Miss Rebels’ offensive line.

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His impressive performance and strong work ethic earned him recognition and respect within the football community.

Michael Oher Professional Football Career

In the 2009 NFL Draft, Michael Oher was selected in the first round as the 23rd overall pick by the Baltimore Ravens. He quickly made an impact and became a starting offensive tackle for the team.

Oher’s solid performances on the field earned him praise and helped the Ravens to reach Super Bowl XLVII, where they emerged victorious.

Following his tenure with the Ravens, Oher played for other NFL teams, including the Tennessee Titans and the Carolina Panthers.

His professional football career spanned several seasons, during which he displayed his tenacity and talent.

Business Ventures

Beyond his football career, Michael Oher has ventured into various business opportunities.

While not as prominent as his sports career, these ventures have contributed to his overall net worth.

Endorsements and Media Appearances

As a well-known NFL player, Michael Oher has also secured endorsement deals and appeared in various media projects. These opportunities have added to his financial success and overall net worth.

Personal life and Inspiration

Michael Oher’s life story became widely known when it was adapted into the book “The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game” by Michael Lewis, which was later turned into a successful film, “The Blind Side.”

The movie portrayed Oher’s life journey, highlighting his remarkable determination and resilience.

A Philanthropic Spirit

Michael Oher has shown his commitment to giving back to the community and supporting charitable causes.

His foundation, the Making It Happen Foundation, has been involved in various initiatives to help underprivileged youth.


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