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Moses Kuria “Apologizes” Over Remarks On Fuel Price Hike

moses kuria

Trade CS Moses Kuria. [COURTESY]

Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria has issued an apology over comments that pump prices will keep on soaring until February next year.

Last week, Kuria said fuel prices in the country will continue to rise by at least Sh10 for the next five months. This was after the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) reviewed fuel prices upwards.

As of Thursday, Super Petrol prices went up by Sh16.96, Diesel by Sh21.32, while Kerosene increased by a record Sh33.13 per litre.

The authority explained that the increased prices were due to the weighted average cost of imported refined petroleum products.

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In Nairobi, petrol is retailing at Sh211.64, Diesel at Sh200.99, and Kerosene at Sh202.61 per litre.

Through a post on X, Kuria said, “I have since been advised by people like Dr Boni Khalwale and his master that the statement was incorrect, insensitive and arrogant.”

“I am made to now understand that the price will come down. I apologise profusely since to err is human.”

On Sunday, in a statement perceived to be targeting Kuria, DP Rigathi Gachagua asked leaders to refrain from talking down to common Kenyans.

Gachagua said leaders should be sensitive to the situation and address their “employer” with decorum.

“Responsible leaders should be sensitive and inspire Hope to the People-the Hope for a Better tomorrow. Talking down on the people and demoralising those who look up to them for solutions and a way out of the difficult situation they find themselves in is not good leadership. Please Do Not SPITE the People of Kenya,” he said.

Gachagua noted that the government is aware of the situation as he assured Kenyans that things will improve with time.

“The Government remains aware of and is sensitive to the challenges Kenyans are facing today; the arrogant statements by a few leaders DO NOT, in Any Way, reflect the official Government position or that of President William Ruto,” he said.

“The President remains committed to finding lasting and sustainable solutions to the economic challenges that face our great Nation.”

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