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Nexus One coming Kenya soon Courtesy of Safaricom

Good news around for Gadget lovers in Kenya. Safaricom through Vodafone UK is bringing the Nexus One phone to Kenya soon. Sources tells Techmtaa that the gadget might be landing in Kenya as early as end of January or February. And Safaricom also has special arrangement with google through the Data services where you could get a email address.

At the Nexus One launch yesterday, Google announced that it will be selling the CDMA version through Verizonin US and Vodafone UK. Though Safaricom is running a GSM network now, that arrangement alone might signal things to come.

This might be good news since the Apple Iphone which has been availeable through Orange has not broken the market well with lack of proper knowledge in the market and also support problems by the seller.

There is news that Iphone also will be availeable to Vodafone UK from January 14th and might make Safaricom have ease in getting the phone through their relationship with Vodafone. This will be good news considering the Marketing power Safaricom wields.

You can still acquire the Nexus One phone through google phone store If you are using DHL Easy Shop, you can use a USA address to order the phone online with no contract and have it delivered locally by DHL. You will need to first set up an account with DHL Kenya office at a cost of Ksh 2,000. For the phone DHL with charge you Ksh 3,560.69 which is the minimum charge for packages upto 1.5 Kgs.

Getting the Unlocked Nexus one Phone will cost you Ksh 45,000 (maximum) which is a good rate considering that Iphones costs twice or three times as much for the unlocked versions.

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