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Kenyans React As Bad Roads Force Nyandarua Family To Ferry Loved One’s Casket On ‘Mkokoteni’ [Video]

A family in Nyandarua ferrying the casket carrying the remains of their loved one on a cart [Photo/Courtesy]

A family in Nyandarua County was recently forced to ferry a casket carrying the remains of their loved one on a cart (Mkokoteni) due to the poor state of the feeder roads in the region.

In videos and photos that have gone viral on social media, the residents of Olborosat village in Shamata ward can be seen struggling to ferry the casket home using a donkey cart.

According to reports, the family of the late Alice Njoki Njoroge who died last week had no choice but to hire the cart from one of the residents after a hearse carrying the remains of their loved one from JM Kariuki Hospital Mortuary in Ol Kalou got stuck in the mud after a heavy downpour.

The residents, especially farmers, are now accusing county governor, Francis Kimemia and area Member of County Assembly of failing devolution.

Netizens, who saw the videos and photos, also castigated the leaders for doing little to better the lives of the electorates.

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Here are some of their reactions:

Hillary M Gitau: Soo sad.. when other counties are lobbying for Mega projects, Nyandarua is still struggling with impassable pathetic roads.

Pascal Ojiambo: This is the mca work not governor,knw your leaders. The mca of this area should have rported this to the governor.

Kipsirgot Langat: Mlisema amekuwa serikalini sana anajua kulinda uthamaki.

John Njugi: Their leaders are very busy with 2022 succession politics, people from central think they are sharp but wajinga sana they are just used as voting robots, they don’t vote for leaders but instead vote against Raila their perceived enemy

Martin Markwings Kamande: They spent 27M for 1.5km murram road😁😁😁

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Maryesther Kimani: She died a long and painful death and the journey to was long, RIP

Francis Kungu: How much does murrum cost ! Hope she had Jesus n journey to heaven safe than journey on these rough earth

Samuel Karanja: It’s her last journey ⚰ but probably one of the toughest. RIP. For those left behind 🐜 🐜 🐜🐜🐜 something #serious needs to be done.

Petronila Temu: No leaders in this constituency very shameful thing and painful even the dead person is crying because he/she strangled during the life and even in death the dead person needs respect on the last day let’s show love to our beloved ones in life and death.

Tungo Merari: Very sad. Something urgent should be done, starting with the residents. There’s no need to blame the system at this very moment, when you’ve been in such a situation for a long time without any move for improvement. I believe that very road has been there even before County Government came into existence. I think, let’s be commissioning the leaders we elect to perform various functions and ensure they do. Citizens, we have the power to demand services from these “honorables.”

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Jack Mbugua: Nyandarua was declared the best performing county amongst the 47! Thats how deep corruption is even within the national and international oversight agencies.

Njeri Da Princees: Is there a county government at Nyandarua my home,,doing nothing shame on u any way r.i.p

Michael Muinde: Pole kwa familia.elsewhere I c a failed devolution

Kairu Julius: In a country where state funds looters are celebrated, praised & voted in high government offices again…😭😭😅sad

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