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Open University of Kenya Accepting Applications For Unique Virtual Programs

Open University of Kenya Accepting Applications For Unique Virtual Programs

Open University of Kenya Accepting Applications For Unique Virtual Programs

The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) has taken a pioneering step by opening applications for admission to the Open University of Kenya (OUK), the nation’s first fully virtual university.

Dr. Agnes Mercy Wahome, CEO of KUCCPS, emphasized the extraordinary nature of this opportunity, as the applications will be free of charge and have no specific deadline due to the flexible and self-paced nature of the Open University’s learning model.

The OUK, recently granted a charter by President William Ruto, has unveiled five groundbreaking degree programs as part of its inaugural offerings.

These include a Bachelor of Data Science, a Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security and Digital Forensics, a Bachelor of Technology Education, a Bachelor of Business and Entrepreneurship, and a Bachelor of Economics and Statistics.

The university will also provide postgraduate programs, such as a Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership and Accountability and a Postgraduate Diploma in Learning Design and Technology.

Students pursuing these degrees will benefit from a curriculum comprising 12 to 14 course units per academic year. The postgraduate programs span a year of study, while bachelor’s degree programs are designed for a four-year duration.

The flexibility of open and self-paced learning allows students to tailor their schedules according to their preferences.

To enroll in an undergraduate program at OUK, the annual tuition fee is Ksh.105,000, with the exception of the Bachelor of Technology Education degree, which costs Ksh.115,000 per year for full-time study.

Dr. Wahome noted, “The annual cost of studying a degree program has taken into account a 15% discount that the government negotiated with universities under the new higher education funding model.”

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Additionally, the university offers the flexibility for bachelor’s degree and postgraduate diploma students to pay and pursue individual course units at a cost of Ksh.10,000 per unit. Students from outside East Africa will incur a 10% surcharge on all programs and course units.

President Ruto hailed the Open University as a transformative force, providing educational accessibility to individuals in remote areas.

Acknowledging the growing demand for university education, he emphasized that the establishment of a national open university would significantly contribute to achieving his government’s goal of 100% higher education transition.

The Open University’s virtual setup has been established with substantial investments, with President Ruto highlighting that over Ksh.100 billion has been allocated for the endeavor.

Equity Group CEO James Mwangi has been appointed as the chancellor of OUK, while Prof. Elijah Omwenga assumes the role of vice-chancellor. This forward-looking initiative reflects Kenya’s commitment to democratizing education and expanding opportunities for its citizens.

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