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Mapenzi Hayalazimishwi – Otile Spills Tea After Bitter Break Up With Vera Sidika (Photos)




While sharing screenshots to back up his claim, Otile Brown has hit back at Vera Sidika with accusations that the socialite is trying to belittle him in public for clout.

Contrary to popular belief, Otile claims that Vera is actually broke and often cannot pay for her own bills including her saloon rent and workers.

Otile has admitted to asking Vera for KSh500,000 but says that it was not a big deal to him since they normally ask each other for money.

“Yes I asked for the KSh500,000 because it was a random deal and I did not have the full amount at the moment and I thought you would come through for me then I would refund,” reads the caption of the post, in part.

The ‘Hi’ crooner says that Vera is a psychotic woman who needs psychiatric help and he regrets ever dating her.

“Real talk, Vera Sidika has a problem and needs help. She needs to see a psychiatrist. I regret ever dating you…Don’t act like you got money na hauna kitu ungekuwa nayo usingeshindwa kulipa rent,” Otile continued.

Otile then went ahead and posted screenshots of conversations between Vera and himself,  proving that indeed Vera asked him for money to pay her bills shortly after they got back together.

Otile claims that Vera kept borrowing large sums of money, which made him question if she was doing that just to put up an appearance on social media.

Through the thread, it is revealed that Vera’s “famous” bestfriend, Victor Maina stole from the beauty queen, leading Vera to get him arrested.

Vera and her “best friend” Victor. /Courtesy

Otile Swears that he does not plan to get back together with Vera Sidika as he is done and dusted.

“I regret ever dating you na nmenawa mikono, and don’t think I’ll go back and forth with you. Mapenzi hayalazimishwi…potelea mbali”.

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