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Outcry Over One Million Extra Presidential Ballot Papers Printed by IEBC


Kenyans took to social media to complain that IEBC has increased the number of presidential ballot papers to 20,818,000 instead of 19,687,563 required.

The 1,130,437 difference is said be an allowance to cater for the spoilt ballot papers during shipment, storage or voting.

But NASA supporters took to Twitter and Facebook claiming that the over 1million ballot papers will be used to stuff ballot boxes during voting scheduled in the next 9 days.

According to IEBC, the ballot papers will arrive next week in 416,360 booklets, inclusive of the one per cent provision in case of spoilt votes. Kenyans questioned the proficiency of IEBC in mathematics as 1% would result in 196,875 extra ballots and not over one million.

The commission could not explain why only presidential papers deserves a replacement if spoilt and not others.


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