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Parents of Nairobi School Students Complain of Bullying by Ababu Namwamba’s Son

The parents of some students at Nairobi School are complaining that the boy whose name is withheld (currently in form one) is bullying their sons and breaking their bones. The mothers who have written several complaint letters to us, details the extent to which the son of the Budalangi MP together with 7 other prefects are assaulting the students and injuring them.

In October, two kids were taken by their parents from the school after beating meted on them by Ababu’s son and others. The prefect and bullies lock the poor kids in a private room and beat them in turn not paying attention to where they hit. A distraught single mother claim that this is the second time her son has been badly hurt by the bullies with the current Chief Principal, Onesmus Mulinge, claiming that he has no powers to stop the practise as he found it ongoing.

Other bullies who are said to team up with Ababu’s son are: John Waweru ,Brian Kisilu, Bashir, John Kwanusu, Humphrey Omwengu and Augustine Imbusi.

Parents of boys who have suffered in the hands of these prefects are now demanding that action be taken on them. Parents of the victims have also claimed that the Deputy Principal has called them ‘alarmists’ for speaking against the bullying.

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