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Passenger Arrested at JKIA for Forcing Self into Wrong Aircraft After Being Late

There was drama at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport when a late passenger forced himself into a wrong plane.

Farah Awad, 34 was arrested for entering a restricted area on Friday night ahead of planned arraignment.

He was headed for Mombasa at about 9pm when he arrived late.

He tried to plead with staff at the Terminal 1D but they turned a deaf ear on him.

According to Kenya Airports Authority officials an angry Farah forced himself through the gate at Terminal 1 D.

By then, the gates to the Kenya Airways flight he was to board had closed.

According to police, the passenger said he was held in a traffic jam that caused his delay to be late.

After breaching the security gate he boarded a wrong flight which was coincidentally also boarding.

Police were called and detained him. Police said he missed his flight to Mombasa and will be detained over the weekend pending arraignment on Monday September 25.

He is set to face charges of entering restricted area.

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